Fequently Asked Questions


Is this the same as powder coating?

No. Powder coating is a different process. We use automotive base coat/clear coat like is on your car.

Can you fix powder coated wheels?

Yes. We do not powder coat, but we can repair a previously powder coated wheel using wet coat.

Can you fix chrome wheels?

Unfortunately, no we cannot fix chrome wheels.

Can you fix corroded wheels?

Yes. There may be an additional charge to the repair depending of the severity of the corrosion.

Can you fix 3pc or bead lock wheels?

Yes. We can do all cosmetic repairs, but bent wheel repairs are on a case by case basis.

Can you fix cracked wheels?

No. Due to liability reasons we do not repair them.

Can you fix bent wheels?

Yes. We can straighten most bends but there are some bends that are beyond repair.

Can you paint my wheels?

Yes! That is one of our specialties!

What kind of paint do you use?

We use high quality automotive base coat/clear coat paint.

Do you give a warranty for the repair?

Yes. We offer a 3 year warranty for any defects in our craftsmanship.

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