Headlights – Most competitors simply polish headlights which exposes plastic to harmful UV rays causing quick deterioration and cracking. We do it properly.
Step 1: We remove the scratches through a very proven methods
Step 2: Apply protection the surface so the UV cannot deteriorate and crack

When you consider how important the headlights are on your vehicle, you really can’t overstate how important it is that the lenses be clean and provide clear vision at night.

Beyond the obvious safety concerns, it also makes one of the most noticeable improvements to the appearance of any vehicle to have the lenses of the headlights clear as it can possibly be. We take great care to clean, polish and enhance any headlight we restore. The process also will help to preserve the lenses, and make them easier to clean and maintain.

For more on this service, contact us today. It’s one way you can really tune up the look of your vehicle even on a very moderate budget.